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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Colo River Fun

I spent last weekend at Colo River with one of my closest friends Rae, her baby boy Xavier, her husband and their housemate and my Mum. We stay at a private holiday park that I am part owner in, kind of like a time share. It's a beautiful part of the world, just north of Windsor in the Hawkesbury northwest of Sydney. The property has about 30 cabins that owners can stay at and a private beach, playground, tv rooms and sporting areas. The best thing is that there's no mobile coverage, so it means you really do get away from every thing.

I find that life is so busy and full of information that to stay healthy and sane I need time away. Sometimes this is at a Benedictine Abbey, sometimes it's hiking in Wilderness Areas, and sometimes it's Colo river. Kayaking up stream with only the birds to keep me company.

Having friends there with me was really special. We spent lots of time drinking tea, reading and being amused by Xavier's antics. He's really a happy little boy, only cries when he's due for a feed or tired. It was a great blessing walking around and doing things with Rae as she had a difficult pregnancy becoming almost bedridden and having to use a wheelchair for much of the last 10 months. She's a walking talking miracle!
And so is the little guy. This was his favourite toy of the weekend. It's the strap from the picnic blanket he's sitting on.
We even took him kayaking in the baby harness on my front, as Rae had enough trouble getting herself into the boat, but loved it anyway (Xavier didn't like it as much :) He also made it very hard to paddle. We also visited the markets in Windsor which were lovely, the plaza was full of stalls with lots of homemade crafts and food.


Anonymous said...

I think I know the camping area where you stayed as we travel via the Putty Road when going to Sydney, and it looks very peaceful and. The bush in that area is wonderful. Congratulations on the house purchase too. How exciting.

Duane & Rae said...

YAY! pics! we had such a lovely time, we will have to do it again really really soon! Cos i miss you already! expect a call from me soon though, have some interesting news...
love you!
Rae & co

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh..what a cute Baby...I bet you had great fun! We live about a half mile from a lake but its still too chilly here...