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Monday, March 10, 2008

Dreaming of a Quarter-Acre Lot

Well, actually I'm no longer dreaming, and the quarter acre is more and eighth of an acre, but all things aside, I am buying a house - Well, that's the plan. I put this picture in as I feel like I've just taken on almost more than I can handle, and that's just all the paperwork to get the house.

I moved back to the sizable town I grew up in from the big smoke of Sydney last year for a number of reasons. My mum had found out she needed further cancer treatment, I needed to move house (and rentals in Sydney are a nightmare) and I missed the coast, and the outdoors.

I was looking at purchasing a property within a year, however decided to wait until mum had finished her chemotherapy to start looking in case she was not doing well and needed assistance with her own mortgage.

Then in January I think it was my housemates (a married couple) decided to start househunting. I was intending to move with them and continue paying rent and helping them out, however the house they found while lovely has no garage. (currently my house full of stuff is in storage in half the garage where we live.) I realised that I would need to get a storage unit if I was to move with them so decided to start looking at properties. First few were dismal and in poor repair.

Then my brother mentioned that one of my sisters had been around at his place looking at houses for her and her husband to do up. He had seen one that he thought I should look at, and had called the real estate to find out that the house was vacant and I could go round that evening and look from the outside and if I liked it arrange to look through it.

That happened just a couple of weeks ago. I didn't realise just how stressful making an offer on a house would be. Wow! At last we reached a figure we could both agree on and then I arranged for building inspection. That happened today and I got the go ahead from the builder!!!

Next step pest inspection and Mortgage approval and then I'll have a house. This is just a little bit daunting and very exciting. On the weekend after I calmed down from the offer being accepted I realised that by the time I move into the house, it will be almost a year (2 months off) from the time I moved. Funny how time flies.

I haven't posted a lot about gardening and living because it's hard when you share a house with people who have a giant dog and digs up all the garden and rips apart your plot. The house I am hopefully buying has a northerly aspect, some established fruit trees and vegetables from the last tenant and potential for so much more.

I will continue to post as the process goes on. Please keep me and the house in your thoughts and prayers if you have time that all will proceed without issue and I'll be able to move in soon.



BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh Hannah Congratulations! How exciting...keep us posted! I am very happy for you!

pebbledash said...

Hello Hannah, just wanted to say hi and thank you for dropping by Pebbledash. I'm sorry you didn't win Choosing Eden...but follow its path, maybe next time. Good luck with your house, how exciting! Warm wishes, Diana

Kristi said...

I hope everything works out perfectly for you. How very very exciting. A space all your own. Best wishes!


han_ysic said...

Thanks for your thoughts, I will keep you posted. It's very exciting.