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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baskets of Flowers - a teacosy pattern.

Just posting a photo of the tea cosy I made for Sarah in the swap at Down to Earth. I crocheted the flower and put a mother of pearl button for the middle of the flower. The teacosy is two squares stitched in basket stich with rib stitch at the top and bottom to give it the stretch it needs to go around the teapot.

I thought I would post the pattern in case anyone would like to make one like it.

For this size Teapot the pattern I made was:

Cast on 36 stiches using 3-4 size needle. (This can be increased by multiples of 4)

Rib Stitch

(Knit one Purl one) repeated to the end of this row.
Repeat for 14 rows.

Basket Stitch
(a)(K4 P4) Repeat to end of row. Repeat for four rows.
(b)(P4 K4) Repeat to end of row. Repeat for four rows.
Continue (a) and (b) until you achieve the desired length.

Rib Stitch

(K1,P1) Repeat to end of row. repeat for 6 rows.

End off. (This is the top)

This is one side. After you have made a matching side Sew them together up the sides approximately 3-4cm (depending on the placement of the handle of the teapot) and across the top from each side approximately 2cm. Embellish or not as you desire. You can knit a plain layer to increase the insulation and attach this inside or use a piece of felt or flannel (but this will limit the stretchability of the cosy). Sarah lives in the warmer parts of USA so I didn't think this would be necessary.


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Anonymous said...

That is a very sweet tea cosy. I will give the pattern a try. Rhonda Jean's swaps are great.