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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Moss and Rocks and Falling Water

On Sunday I went for my first walk with the Shoalhaven Bushwalkers. We went to Granite Falls, a spot just south of Nowra on the South East coast of NSW (Australia) About half an hours drive from where I live.

It was a tough walk, all off track, walking through bush that is essentially untouched, taking navigation from creekbeds and ridges identified in the maps we had. I loved it. We walked across the top of the falls to start and then down a ridge to the creek in the first photo. We stopped here for morning tea and then spent an hour walking up the creek to the base of the falls. The area around this spot is famous for it's beautiful sandstone and very distinctive mountains, the budawangs. Granite falls however is as it's name might suggest, made of granite. It is spectacular, with the water falling to one level and then over another, and from the base was breathtaking.

We then walked down the creek to where it joined a larger river, and there was a great swimming hole where we stopped for lunch and to refresh ourselves.

We then fought our way back up the river against lots of undergrowth and back up the hill to where we had left our cars. Although walking in this way is probably a lot harder, I find it so rewarding in that I am going somewhere possibly no-one has ever walked before, somewhere special. The places you go that are hidden from most of the world but are so amazingly beautiful, remind me that there is a God, and that he created the world. Every bit of it is spectacular, even the parts that almost no-one looks at. And all that you can do is stand in awe and breathe .... Thankyou.

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