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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Spinning around

I have spun my first wool. So exciting. I went along to the local spinners and weavers group last year and began to learn to spin. You have to spin two bobbins of wool and they ply them together by spinning them onto a third bobbin the opposite direction to which you spin them individually. This creates the tension that holds it together and stops it from unravelling.

At my first lesson I learnt how to comb a shorn fleece and how to spin the wool, but had to wait until last saturday to learn to ply. Not really that hard at all compared to the spinning part. I now have a lovely bobbin of wool ready to wash and then make something.
For anyone interested in spinning, weaving, felting, knitting, crocheting (hmm they're good at cooking too!! I can definately reccomend you contacting your local spinners and weavers if there is one. Jam packed with people ready to share the skills they have. The local group offered me a spinning wheel on loan, gave me some fleece to get started with, and are always willing to answer silly questions.
At the meetings they always have a show and tell, and this meeting one woman had been to a felting workshop and brought back some examples of her work, from front to back it is a scarf, a hat and a bag, all so colourful and fun. I love the colours of the bag in particular and the softness of the texture.

Another lady is very creative with needle felting, and creates exquisite animals, especially Australian natives. The photo below is of a bilby she was comissioned to make by another member of the group for her sister who lives in Canada. It is being entered in the local show this weekend, and I'm sure it will take out a prize.

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Ali said...

That's great that you had a good time ~ I love the colours of the wool/felting.The bilby looks so lifelike!!