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Friday, February 8, 2008

What will I make???

I went to the op shop today to get an apron (for preparing wool for spinning) and found a whole lot of quilting fabrics for a bargain. They were all done up by colours and I bought a blue one which I have shown here, and a green one, which has some lovely fabrics too. I also got a ball of pink cotton yarn for making more dishcloths, I am on my third at the moment, inspired by Rhonda, but the cotton I have was too thin so I have started crocheting them. I like this as I don't have to focus too much on what I am doing, and can make them while chatting to my mum, or last night at the bushwalking club meeting. People are always surprised that someone under 60 is making something by hand which frustrates me.
Home made things do take time, but they give me a sense of satisfaction, of pleasure, and purpose. That I can contribute to the economy with more than my credit card (Which I only use as a debit card, and a regular amount of my pay goes into it each fortnight) I also love giving a gift that is handmade, it says I have thought about and put time into this gift. Anyone can run down the store and buy a present, but something made by hand speaks volumes to me.
I also finished and sent off my Tea Cosy for Rhonda's swap to Susan in New Mexico, I did knit that one and crochet a flower to go on it, but wrapped it up before I remembered to take a photo. I'll have to wait until she gets it and sends a photo to Rhonda to go on the Blog. Now I just have to wait for mine to arrive.
I am already thinking about what to make next with these fabrics, but I will wait until I have finished the project I am working on now.... Or maybe not, who needs one project when you can have ten!!!

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Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You are very busy, thanks so much for dropping by my blog...